Revoke Trust from Java Applets

Recently I had the following problem with trusted Java Applets. I was on Windows XP and I opened a web page containing a Java Applet in Mozilla Firefox (FF). The page asked me whether I trust the publisher of this Java Applet. I answered “Yes” and also checked the box “Always trust content from that publisher”. Later on I realized that I want to revoke my trust from this Java Applet and its publisher. Unfortunately I found almost zero information of the web how to do it.

After some searching and trying I came to the following conclusions which I want to share in this post.

(1) The applet trust is not given (stored) on a per browser basis. This means that if you select what I selected on that web page (and what I described above), this choice will apply to both Internet Explorer (IE) and to Mozilla Firefox (FF), if you happen have both browsers on your system.

(2) On Windows XP the information for the trusted applets is stored in the following file 

C:\Documents and Settings\<windows username>\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\security\trusted.certs

Obviously this file is not browser-specific.

(3) In order to revoke (remove) your trust from all the publishers of Java Applets (which you had chosen to trust), you can delete this file.

After you restart IE and/or FF you will then be asked again if you trust the Java Appet and/or its publisher.

Although this solution is apparently not flexible enough, it is the only one I was able to find so far.


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