Strange Location of Java.exe on Windows XP (2)

After my first post on this topic, I found recently that even though I was able to get rid of the JVM executables in C:\Windows\System32 by renaming them (from *.exe to *.not_exe), this was not a permanent solution. After a week or so I noticed that these files were again present there. So I continued investigating further. I am pretty sure now that the Java Control Panel (JCP) application is the one responsible for downloading (and/or automatically updating) the JRE executables and for copying them to the C:\Windows\System32 folder (on Windows XP machines). After some more research I was able to find another important web page Java 6 Release Notes which contains an interesting note (in its Windows Vista Notes section). Here is that note: “AutoDownload of JREs is Disabled (by default) in the Java Control Panel (on Windows Vista)”. So I thought… OK, since they mention this explicitly in the release notes, then probably on Windows XP machines this is not the default behavior. So I went on and changed in the JCP the way this option was configured by setting it to Never Auto Download

Java Control Panel -> Advanced Tab -> JRE Auto-Download -> Never Auto Download

Quite some time passed since then and I have no problems any more. No new versions of the JVM (java.exe) are being downloaded and installed in my C:\Windows\System32 folder.


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